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Utilizing Flutter on the Web


Goldenstein is a mid-sized owner-operated business law firm backed by over 30 years of experience. It offers a full range of services for German and foreign companies in various industries, in all areas of business law. Their attorneys and tax consultants blend what a successful commercial law firm does with the dynamic efficacy of a collection agency. The client wanted to develop an easy-to-use digital claims management solution to save their clients time, effort, and money.


Businesses often push accounts receivable onto the back burner, which causes several issues, from extending credit to unqualified customers to failing to follow up with past-due accounts in a timely manner, which ultimately often leads to the need for them to take legal action.

Goldenstein wanted to develop an innovative claims management solution that would save their clients a lot of time and hassle and help them quickly convert their receivables into liquidity without the need to engage and pay unnecessary money to a debt collection agency.


We developed a Flutter-based solution for iOS, Android, and Web that improves the management of receivables and takes digitization to the next level. The ClaimQ app was designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, allowing users to simply submit their open invoices via photo/pdf upload at the push of a button and add further information, such as partial amounts to be claimed, dunning costs incurred, or trade credit insurance to have experts at Goldenstein process and take care of their claims. 

The app also allows users to follow the procedural steps in real-time and track their overdue claims progress anytime and anywhere. This provides full transparency to the user regarding which phase of the debt collection the company is currently at, what the next steps are, and when they will take place.

Using Flutter, we also developed a back-office web app for Goldstein’s attorneys and consultants. We created a shared codebase so that the back-office application can reuse the functionalities of the client application and vice versa if necessary, which reduces development and maintenance costs for the client. The application allows Goldstein employees to see a list of all submitted legal cases and change the status of each case when there is progress. The attorneys and consultants also see a list of all users and can verify, edit and manage their personal and bank details.

  • Improved efficiency and quality of the process
  • Delivered two Flutter applications
  • Improved stability through the established automation tests
Quick Facts
Duration: 6 Months

Technology Stack:  PHP, MySQL, Flutter, GitLab CI/CD, Helm

Team: 2 Flutter Engineers, 2 PHP Engineers

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