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FAB. Mobile Corporate E-Banking App.

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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is the UAE’s largest bank and one of the world’s largest and safest institutions that offers an extensive range of tailor-made solutions, products, and services to provide a best-in-class experience. FAB has been investing heavily in its corporate banking transformation program as part of the bank’s strategy for 2020 and 2021.

The program revolved around delivering their new e-Banking mobile app for corporate customers to provide enhanced user experience and ease of use to SMEs and decision-makers to manage their global transaction business from anywhere and anytime. We have teamed up with FAB Innovation Lab to help them expand their digital capabilities and provide a seamless omnichannel banking experience.


FAB had already transitioned from purely branch-centred single-channel selling to a multi-channel strategy. The bank had a robust web banking application and wanted to push its mobile presence further and provide its users with the same set of functionalities on mobile.  

The existing FAB corporate mobile app provided users with a global cash position overview for FAB and other banks. It allowed them to approve beneficiaries and payments added through the web portal. However, the mobile app had only a few functionalities mirrored those in the web version. Its design had to be improved considerably to satisfy the user’s needs and expectations. 

The interruptions in the customer journey could result in perceiving the banking process as lengthy, overly complicated, and frustrating. Therefore, FAB Innovation Lab leads were looking to bring a strong partner on board to overhaul and modernize the design of the mobile app, add core banking functionalities and ultimately help them achieve an immersive, engaging experience and deliver truly omnichannel banking. 


Our team implemented a new enhanced, and interactive design allowing corporate users to quickly access all of their accounts and view their cash positions. Also, to enable users to manage their money quickly and easily, we improved the app’s existing functionalities (multi-select approval).

We added new core banking functionalities to allow the addition of different beneficiary types (within FAB, domestic, international, and eDirham) and active fund transfer operations (own accounts, within FAB, domestic, international, eDirham top-up) directly from their mobile devices. We improved the app architecture through planning and documentation using Clean architecture and SOLID principles to make the app robust and scalable.
  • Enhanced and modernized UI 
  • Achieved smooth user experience
  • Delivered a robust, scalable, and maintainable application 
  • Pushed towards streamlining product development and release processes
Quick Facts
Duration: Ongoing since Sep 2020

Technology Stack: Flutter

Team: 7 Flutter Developers, 1 PM

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