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Count on our scalable soultion and enterprise-grade best practices to fast-track your mobile architecture, features, and development process.

Bootstrap your Scalable Mobile App in seconds

We offer a complete Flutter based solution that provides everything you need to get your Mobile App up and running just like that. Accelerate your way to the top with a code generator that creates a unique customized codebase with all essential functionalities your app needs and our expert consulting services.


The scaffold solution that brings your app to the next level

Our Scaffold Solution is built based on our extensive experience developing scalable Flutter applications for leading companies like EMAAR, ADCB, FAB and more. This expertise and industry experience have been leveraged to create a powerful solution that can help you build high-quality apps quickly and efficiently.


Our solution lets you focus on building your app's unique aspects right away, instead of spending weeks on setup for scaling components. This makes development more enjoyable and engaging.


We developed this scaffold solution with our commitment to best practices and are excited to share it with the world. It reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality tools and services that promote app development success.

Features and capabilities

  1. Cross-Platform Support

    Built-in support for Android, iOS, Web and Desktop

  2. Pre-built features

    Push notifications, QR Scanner, One-Time Password, Pin Code, Social Logins, Deep-Links and more

  3. Design system

    A single place where you can define all your colors, typography, assets and more. Your app's Light and Dark modes are already configured

  4. Analytics

    Firebase analytics that keeps track of how your app is used

  5. Internationalization

    Support multiple languages in your app just by adding translations and letting the generator do the job for you

  6. Automated Tests

    With Unit, Golden and Integration Tests  you know your app is working as intended

  7. Discover more

Great ideas.

Your ideas come to us as an abstract and return with a pulse.
Strong, bold, ready to go to market.

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Emaar. Referral & Loyalty Platform.
The Emaar community token allows Emaar’s customers and stakeholders to reap the value of a complete referral and loyalty system across the entire group, opening the Emaar experience potentially to billions of internet users. Through the EMR token, users can ...
FAB. Mobile Corporate E-Banking App.
The program revolved around delivering their new e-Banking mobile app for corporate customers to provide enhanced user experience and ease of use to SMEs and decision-makers to manage their global transaction business from anywhere and anytime.
Thriving. Making caregiving less stressful.
Thrive Community wanted to build an app that makes caregiving less stressful by bringing doctors, nurses, family, and other caregivers into a central place and reducing the number of apps they need to get everyone on the same page. The client had a great idea ...
ClaimQ. Innovative LegTech Solution.
Goldenstein is a mid-sized owner-operated business law firm backed by over 30 years of experience. It offers a full range of services for German and foreign companies in various industries, in all areas of business law. Their attorneys and tax consultants blen...

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